Why is a Domain Name Important for a New Business

Do you want to grow your own business or are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has the perfect idea for a start-up?

Today, having a strong online presence is important for any business. The majority of people consult the web for almost everything, whether it is the latest products, services, and online courses. If you want to start slowly start building your brand online, you must first have a a well-maintained website that is easy to navigate and informative and a domain name that is uniquely associated with your business.

Why is a domain name given a priority and why is it important for your new business? Read below to know more.

3 reasons why you need to research your domain name

All websites require a domain name which is your web address. We also call this URL, which stands for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’. While it is easy to select your name or business name for people to identify with, having a unique and researched domain name can give you the edge and a strong online presence.


1) Memorable branding

Proper research is also important to make sure what you have is not similar to others. Remember that there are millions of businesses online and your goal is to have a short and memorable name that people can easily remember. Trademarks and copyright in domain names are also an important consideration. If you have a business and product brands that are trademarked that you would like to secure in your local country and potentially in other countries, be sure to search for and secure them as well.

2) Gives your business credibility

Having a personal domain name can help your business look professional. Remember that when you publish your site through a free web hosting platform, you will have a generic URL with the name of the platform in it and this could easily turn off customers who might think that you don’t have the budget for a professional website. A personal domain can potentially build their confidence in the business.

It helps builds your brand. Apart from credibility, a strong domain name can build an online presence and increase brand awareness. If you have an easy-to-remember domain name where customers can associate with your business, it would be easier for them to return and spread the word to others.

3) Secure SEO for a local business top level country domain

Purchasing a domain name means it is yours to keep and renew annually.

We recommend securing different domain addresses with TLD or top level domains so you can retain them in the countries that you would like to trade-in. TLD is the last segment of your domain name. The most common TLDs are .com, .org, and .net. However, there are many different TLDs available and you have already encountered most of them while browsing the net.

Securing a TLD won’t affect your online presence and ranking if you already built one.

It helps you with search engine ranking. As you build your website, an easy to memorize domain name can easily rank on search engine sites like Google and can potentially draw more customers in.

If you are considering a global audience, a .com can make a difference. If you are starting to build your business and would want to first work locally, however, you may add ccTLDs or country code top level domains like .kiwi, .nz, or .co.nz to filter down your audience and give them an idea of where you are located.

Domain name selection and the importance of local domains

For many businesses, deciding on a domain name takes a lot of research and review. Just like your brand, a domain name will represent your business online and it should be given enough importance too.

There are many different styles and techniques for a domain name. If you are building a new business, you should select something that matches your already established company name. You should also scan the web thoroughly for anything similar so customers won’t be confused in the long run.

A domain name should be easy to remember, short, and simple. Stick to one word if you must. The goal is for customers not to have a hard time typing or searching your website.

Your TLDs can also have a huge impact on your website’s search engine ranking. A top level country domain specifically, can improve your ranking with your local audience.

Note that when you search from New Zealand, your search engine might automatically filter out websites from other countries. The reason for this is that the search engine thinks that they are less relevant. Having a country-specific domain can help you gain more searches to local audiences and therefore increase your local site ranking. This can also gain the trust of your local customers because they know that they are supporting a local business.

If you want to know more about TLDs and the importance of domain extensions and sub-domains, you can read our blog here (link to a new blog).

Revive Me Web offers both self-serviced domain purchase and renewal, as well as research for domains that would be most competitive and not trademarked. We are always ready to help you build your online presence with a unique domain and web design.

Just request what you need from our homepage or book a 20min consult if you like help to research the best domain address for you.

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