Valley Education and Training Enterprises Ltd

Valley Education and Training Enterprises Ltd is a Tertiary Education Organisation providing adult education in the Thames, Hauraki Gulf, and Waikato regions. They offer a wide range of tertiary-based adult education programs, including foundation learning, which includes; Manufacturing and Technology, Agriculture, Welding, Retail, and Life Skills. Serving both local employers and companies seeking skilled tradespeople, Valley Education also focuses on improving literacy and numeracy skills.

The Challenge:
Ruth and Andrea, the administrator and owner of Valley Education, faced difficulties with their outdated website, which hadn’t been updated for over two years. This lack of maintenance hindered their ability to effectively communicate with their target audience and provide relevant information.

The Solution:
Following a comprehensive consultation via Zoom, our team analysed competitor websites and proposed a comprehensive solution. We identified the need for a better flow and layout, combined with a contemporary design that would enhance the user experience. Additionally, we recognized an opportunity to revamp Valley Education’s brand identity, logo, and promise statement to better reflect its mission and values.

What We Delivered:
Our team successfully delivered a modern and streamlined website design that provides easy navigation for their diverse audience, including students, employers, and stakeholders. The new design eliminates clutter and creates a more user-friendly experience.

We also took the opportunity to update Valley Education’s brand logo. The logo now incorporates a symbolic fern within the “V,” representing Valley Education’s commitment to helping the community “unfurl” to their highest potential through education and pastoral care.

In addition to the website redesign, we revamped their business cards, course flyers, and social media profiles on Facebook. By incorporating real images of students in workplace environments instead of generic stock photos, we were able to create a more authentic and engaging representation of Valley Education’s offerings.

Overall, our comprehensive redesign and brand redevelopment work for Valley Education resulted in a more professional, user-friendly website that effectively communicates their mission and services to their target audience.

Colour Palette


Elevating their Brand Identity: Valley Education’s Symbol Unfurled