Lawns R Us



Web and Graphic Design for a Lawn Mowing Company with content, service information to position their precision values and service with a difference.

Lawns R Us is a local company that specialises in services such as lawn mowing, garden maintenance, hedge trimming and clean up, and fencing and decking. They cater to large residential properties with good sized section, retirement villages, and small commercial environments.

 We worked with Kevin How of Lawns R Us to bring to life a website that can present his company’s point of difference. Given that Lawn Mowing have low barriers to entry. By showcasing his equipment and services ethos with a video, visitors on their website can observe the professional mowing with other ancillary service he offers. Taking the time to understand their values and work ethnics was essential for us to formulate a distinct style and tone-of-voice to build their brand.


What we did for branding and website design:

 Our team crafted and designed the logo. To translate his point of difference, we use clean fence-lines in his logo, a depiction on mountain, as he travels around Taranaki. This tied it well with  the overall website design, colour scheme, font type and wrote the content for the website. We also did up a quick video to showcase who he is, zipping around a residential section with his ride on lawn mover and trimming the edges.


Brand Archetype: The Caregiver.

Key messaging:  We take care of your green spaces and go the extra mile for a precision lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming needs.

Tone of Voice: We go the extra mile to care for your lawns. Call us for a precision lawn mowing.


Color Palette

Optimized for best view in multiple devices