Fuel 360 Taranaki

Fuel 360 Taranaki offers innovative fuel treatment products for combustion engines.

Andrew and Elizabeth are distributors for Fuel 360 and needed overall online marketing plan and platform to attract, educate and convert customers who are after innovative fuel treatment solutions.  They also have resellers and stockist retailing through them and wanted an online ordering and marketing platform where they could receive new and recurring product orders.

They signed up to GET DIGITAL MARKETING Program which included Content, Video and Social Media Marketing training with templates and direction. Over the course of 12 weeks, this resulted in product positioned as solutions, an information brochure, videos testimonials, social media posts and a promoted video campaign.

As their client-base and resellers grew, they needed a way to communicate their distributorship and area of service, to receive sales online with their own ecommerce website.

We provided both training and services for them to bring clarity to their communications style and direction which speaks to their key customer personas in agri-farming, boating and transportation.

They have a stronger business and products value promise statements, and have the confidence to communicate with consistency of the Fuel treatment as vehicle and engine cleaning solutions to meet their customers’ needs.


What we did for the website design:

Our team built an eCommerce website for Fuel 360 Taranaki. We set up a Google Ads campaign to reach out to new customers searching online for diesel cleaning solutions.

Brand Archetype:
The Hero. Help improve the world with fuel treatment solutions.

Key Message:
Better Fuel Burn. Solutions to reduce engine maintenance and fuel costs.

Tone of Voice:
Innovative quality fuel treatments to help you save money and lower emissions.

Colour Palette

Optimised for Tablet and Mobile device view.