Thank you for your interest in seeking our coaching with Rosalina. My role as an entrepreneur coach is to help you recreate your life and business with a renewed sense of mission and create a personalised plan to build your dream business and life, fearlessly!

For a successful and transformative coaching relationship, here are a few series that we can potentially work on:

1) Empowering your personal leadership qualities.
Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

2) Gain fresh perspectives on everyday life, business and team communications and responsibilities.
Discover new insights and tools to tackle challenges. Create a personalised plan to find a balanced approach.

3) Supporting personal, professional and team wellness.
Encourage them to open their thought patterns, think about leadership and transform performance by empowering the team to solve problems with the CREATE framework.
(Check-in on Current Reality, Exploring Alternatives and Tapping into their Energy with clarifying questions that align with their way of thinking while considering other points of view.)

Our coaching program is for 12-week blocks.
There are 6x 45min sessions every fortnight.
15 minutes check-in sessions weekly, with a QnA platform for online journalling.

This gives us the opportunity to share your insight and track your progress.

It also acts as accountability feedback prior to the next coaching session.

A shared online dashboard will be set up for you via Clickup
Book a discovery coaching session at 45min.
Your investment for 10 weeks block is from $990 + GST.

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