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Content is king and Revive Me Web team knows the key ingredients for creating written content for websites that is on-point, easy-to-read, authentic and persuasive to viewers.

Good content generates awareness, helps buyers consider your offer, engage and make a decision to interact and transect with you digitally.

Content is the message we can create to help you to grab the buyer’s attention – the starting point for their buying journey and decision.

Crafting a strong, compelling brand and service message that connects to your customers’ needs is essential.

There are 3 key ingredients creating copy writing for websites.  At Revive Me Web, we believe that getting your personality and key message with the right language helps to portray your business and brand personality.

3 key ingredients for web copy writing

1) Develop valuable content to support customer buying journey

Developing the right language helps to portray your personality online.

It also describes how you aim to meet the needs of your customers and address their concerns at various stages of their search and buying process.

Compelling content engages your audiences’ emotions and will appeal to their hearts and minds, not just eyeballs.

2) Creating an attention-grabbing brand story

Engaging words and images are the magic ingredients in creating an attention-grabbing brand story.

In crafting your brand story, it is important to choose the right words and tone of voice, with consideration of your various customer profiles. Today, with limited attention spans, our goal is to get attention and make a lasting impression instantly.

3) Optimised for search and social sharing.

Content is prepared with popular keywords and search words carefully crafted for the website, making it search engine-friendly. Images are tagged and sized appropriately for social media sharing. Engaging content must be shareable, with the potential to go viral!

Our Approach

We write and develop content with a structure that “tells and sells”.

We can help you create attention-grabbing content to captivate and convert your customer. This includes captivating headlines and subtitles designed to persuade the viewer to read further, combined with eye-catching images or illustrations to build a consistent brand message.

1. We identify your brand archetype.
Your brand archetype is your brand personality and ‘flavour’. It’s about the type of persona you consistently share with your audience. It will be the basis of your personality and brand strategy.

2. We create a suitable tone-of-voice for your brand message.
We craft an engaging tone that aligns with your personality and match it with the right photos and visuals to create a lasting impression.

3. We craft your brand story and key messages.
Our goal is to present a clear, consistent key message that encourages your audience to read and interact, and take action to engage with you.

We inform your customers about your background, take them on a journey, share your service mission and explain how you can meet their needs. We can help you powerfully connect with your desired audience by building your online persona that matches the spirit of your business.

    The 3 benefits if you employ content marketing well

    Increased brand awareness, service & repeat sales

    Attract attention, interest, consideration and more sales with engaging and valuable content built with clarity to serve your customers and build a following for refferals and retention.

    Cost savings

    Reduced costs on non-targeted advertising and promotions, and less time spent on inquiries as people build a trusted relationship with you online.

    Better customers who are loyal

    Acquire desirable customers who buy into your vision, reinforcing that valued, essential connection between you and your business promise.

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